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A strategic wealth creation opportunity for global investors.

Funding Turkey provides exclusive, trustworthy opportunities that empower investors like you achieve your financial aspirations. We leverage our decades of Turkish real estate expertise to offer clients superior returns, accountability, transparency, and partnership.

Real Estate Investment Fund by Funding Turkey

Real Estate Investment Fund

Private Investment Fund by Funding Turkey

Private Investment Fund

Venture Capital Fund by Funding Turkey

Venture Capital Fund

Turkish citizenship through investment.

citizenship by investment

Turkish citizenship through investment.

With a minimum investment requirement is $500,000, you secure your future and your family’s future, and also get an opportunity to live, work, and study in Europe.

  • A Thriving Economy
  • Visa-Free Travel
  • Diverse Culture
  • Strategic Location
  • Family Benefits
  • Access to Europe

About Us

Trust the legacy of real estate success.

With a proven legacy of success in the real estate industry, the Property Turkey Group has consistently exceeded expectations, delivering remarkable returns while upholding the highest standards of integrity. Join us to secure a brighter financial future through our expertise and experience.

More than 20+ years of real estate experience.

More than US$500 million in real estate sales since 2019.

Funding Turkey Team with 20+ years of experience.
Funding Turkey Team with US$500 million in real estate sales
Funding Turkey Team
Funding Turkey Report

Turkey’s untapped investment opportunities revealed.

This report unveils a selection of hidden investment niches in Turkey, offering a glimpse into the concealed gems that promise substantial financial rewards.

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