Investment Opportunities in Turkey’s booming Renewable Energy Sector

JULY 24, 2023

Energy plays a pivotal role in the growth of any developing economy, and Turkey, with its impressive economic ascent, has recognized this fundamental need. Over the past few decades, the country has achieved a remarkable 300 percent increase in electricity production (Graph 1), a feat that has not only driven its economy to the trillion-dollar mark but also transformed the lives of its citizens. Access to abundant and reliable energy has fueled innovation, attracted investments, and opened up new horizons across various sectors.

Graph 1: Turkey’s Electric Production (MW)

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Source: T.C. Energy and Natural Resources Ministry

Turkey’s unwavering commitment to expanding its energy infrastructure and utilizing its resources has been instrumental in its economic success. As the country marches forward, securing a robust energy supply remains crucial for further growth and positioning itself as a thriving developing economy on the global stage. Energy, indeed, stands at the forefront of Turkey’s development strategy, promising a future brimming with potential and prosperity.

Investing in Renewable Energy: Presently, Turkey boasts an extensive network of 12,144 energy facilities, reflecting its resolute dedication to meeting energy demands. Remarkably, the nation has channeled over 70 billion dollars into renewable energy sources, leading to an impressive 20% of its energy production now originating from renewables (Table 1). Turkey’s commitment to renewables not only positions it as a significant player in the European market but also bolsters climate security.

Table 1: Turkey’s Electric Production Source (2023 / %)

Hydraulic Energy 30.1
Natural Gas 24.2
Coal 20.8
Wind 11.0
Sun 9.7
Jeotermal 1.6
Other 2.6
TOTAL 100.0
Source: T.C. Energy and Natural Resources Ministry

Turkey’s commitment to sustainable practices and renewable resources marks a journey towards energy independence and environmental preservation. This bold approach diversifies the energy mix, reduces reliance on fossil fuels, mitigates environmental impact, and sets the stage for a greener, more sustainable future.

Investment Potential:

Turkey’s pioneering investments in renewable energy not only position it as a global trendsetter but also create opportunities for significant future investments. The global renewable energy sector reached an astounding 1.3 trillion dollars in investments in 2022, underscoring its growth and significance. With strong public support and increasing energy demands, Turkey is set to amplify its commitment to renewables. This combination of public backing and the imperative to meet growing energy requirements will drive ambitious renewable energy initiatives.

By making strategic investments in renewables, Turkey can unlock a plethora of opportunities for domestic and international investors. This commitment enhances energy security, stimulates economic growth, generates jobs, and fosters technological innovation. As Turkey solidifies its position in the global renewable energy landscape, it showcases not only a dedication to sustainability but also an understanding of the industry’s immense potential and profitability.


In the years to come, Turkey’s ambitious strides in renewable energy will inspire other nations, propelling global momentum towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for all. The country’s unwavering focus on renewable energy signifies not only a commitment to sustainability but also a profound recognition of the industry’s vast potential and profitability. Investors, both domestic and international, should take note of the immense opportunities emerging in Turkey’s thriving renewable energy sector.

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