Funding Turkey and Tokenizerly Announce Strategic Partnership for Fund and Real Estate Assets Tokenization

May 22, 2024

22-05-2024 – Funding Turkey, a leader in real estate marketing and development, and Tokenizerly, a pioneering fintech startup in asset tokenization, today announced a strategic partnership to revolutionize the fund and real estate market through blockchain technology. This groundbreaking alliance aims to integrate Tokenizerly's advanced tokenization platform with Funding Turkey's extensive real estate portfolio, creating a new paradigm in property investment and ownership.

Key Highlights of the Partnership :

Comments from the CEOs :

Serkan Topktas remarked, "This partnership with Tokenizerly marks a significant milestone in our mission to embrace emerging technologies. By tokenizing our assets, we're not just transforming the way people invest in fund and real estate but also ensuring a more secure and accessible market for investors worldwide."

Haiyan Alsaiyed stated, "We are thrilled to partner with Funding Turkey, a company that shares our vision for innovation in real estate investment. Our technology will enable investors to engage with fund and real estate like never before, making investments more fractional, accessible, and efficient."

About Funding Turkey :

Funding Turkey, headquartered in Turkey, is a leading Licensed Real Estate and Venture Capital Asset Management Company. With a diverse portfolio and a commitment to innovation, Funding Turkey has been at the forefront of offering unique investment opportunities in the real estate sector.

About Tokenizerly :

Tokenizerly, based in Saudi Arabia, is a fintech startup specializing in the cutting-edge field of asset tokenization. With a focus on utilizing blockchain technology, Tokenizerly is dedicated to revolutionizing asset management and investment.

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